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road to india

The global community, after dedicated and consistent efforts over the last year, has developed an agenda that promises to address the concerns of human development for all while ensuring the health of the planet and its ecosystems. The Post 2015 UN Development Agenda is a unique participatory exercise that has led to the design of a Sustainable Development framework consisting of 17 Goals that address the key concerns of humanity and 169 interlinked Targets within these Goals that reflect the complex and interrelated nature of social, economic and ecological well-being parameters.

In September 2015, the post 2015 UN Development Agenda, comprising of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) has been adopted, replacing the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). These ambitious and aspirational SDGs call for significant rethinking in development processes across the world. They also call for significant resources to be dedicated and invested in priority areas as identified in the framework of Goals and Targets for each member state.

India has, over the past years, directed its development pathway to meet its priorities of employment, economic growth, food, water and energy security, disaster resilience and poverty alleviation. India has also aimed to restore its natural capital and adopt transparent and robust governance along democratic lines. However, emerging challenges of climate change impacts, increasing inequities, and lagging human development indices are well recognised by both the citizens as well as the government. The post 2015 UN Sustainable Development Agenda framework provides an opportunity to renew and integrate efforts in order to meet, to a significant degree, national and global aspirations in a defined time frame.

Some of the SDG targets specifically call for ensuring that people have relevant information, awareness and skills needed to promote sustainable development. Besides these targets, there are also other targets for which awareness generation is a necessity. For example, citizens need to be aware of what to do in the event of natural disasters to ensure disaster preparedness of the country, in accordance with target 11.5. At the core of all tasks undertaken for sustainable development, it is of utmost importance to enable people to understand the importance of the environment and make concerted efforts to use resources sustainably.

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WYC 2016 will facilitate a process that strengthens effective youth participation in the planning, implementation and evaluation of various global issues of the world which refers to the process of defining the future global development framework that will succeed the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) of the United Nation. The Conference will also create an inclusive platform for youth that enables them to review the progress of the SDG's, share ideas, experiences and innovative approaches for effectively contributing to the SDG framework and its implementation.

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