Getting to and around New Delhi

In a city as large as Delhi, with a population of over 18 million people, it can often feel like the city’s entire populace is trying to commute at the same time.

As a result, expats will find that getting around Delhi can make for a hectic and crowded experience. Cars, buses, bicycles, motorcycles, auto rickshaws, pedestrians and even cows all share the same road.
People often tend not to obey standard traffic laws, adding further to the chaos. Therefore, it is highly recommended that expats, especially those new to the city, don’t try to drive themselves, and instead rely on other forms of private/public transport instead.
With some time and practice (and a good city map), Delhi, on the whole, can be a fairly easy city to navigate. There are a handful of main roads and arteries through which most major parts of the city can be reached.
Expats should not assume people will know street names. Rather, most tend to know the names of landmarks or various neighbourhoods and colonies, and use these as reference points to get around the city. Expats should certainly learn to use places to help orient themselves as opposed to traditional roads and highways. If lost, it is best to ask a local for help. Delhiites tend to be friendly and are usually more than happy to provide directions.

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