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On the event of the World Youth Conference 2016 "Youth for Sustainable Development" to be held in New Delhi from 12 - 14 November 2016, we are bringing out a special edition of the WYC 2016 Souvenir called "The Vision 2030".

As this special edition of souvenir will focus on the articles, features and writing in other forms on topics and issues related to SDGs, we hereby request all interested individuals /professionals /institutions /experts and others to kindly contribute their articles/features and

writings related to the set of aspirational 17 SDGs, how to reach the 169 targets & how to achieved it by 2030 in particular for this special souvenir and make our efforts successful in bringing out this Souvenir. Your contribution might contribute to the benefits of both national and international delegates, experts, intellectuals, professionals, authorities,stakeholders and other individuals. We are of the opinion that this is a good opportunity to put your views and opinions on the subject and also to share your knowledge and experience with national and international participants of the conference.

The specifications of the articles and features are as follows:

  1. Topic & Theme: All articles and features should be based on topics and issues related to 17 SDGs of UN.
  2. Length: Length of each essay type article should be between 1000-2500 words. You are requested to attach a Latest Passport Size Photograph along with the article.
  3. Publication: Submission of articles/features do not guarantee of publishing in the Special Souvenir. Final decision of publishing articles/features lies entirely on the Editorial Board of the Souvenir.
  4. Editing: All articles/features are subject to editing by professional expert/s appointed by the Editorial Committee.
  5. Ownership: All published articles/features will be owned by the organizers of the Conference and therefore, publication of these articles/features in any other print materials in and outside the country of the contributor will be considered as illegal and shall be

liable to legal action until and unless permitted by the organizers of the Conference.

  1. Language: All articles/features submitted should be English language.
  2. Format: All articles/features should be submitted in word document. Articles/features submitted in any other format/version other than word document will not be accepted.
  3. Deadline: All articles and writings for this souvenir should reach the WYC Secretariat by 5th November 2016.
  4. Best Article will get a prize during World Youth Conference 2016 Closing ceremony.

NOTE: All articles and writing could be sent to us by e-mail mentioned below.



World Youth Conference 2016

Souvenir Team

New Delhi 2016